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My name is Jeremy Park and I have a vision to create Bible scenes in 3D.

Scenes that can be downloaded and used free of charge by churches, ministries and individuals. Bible passages suddenly come to life and bring greater understanding, the ancient stories become tangible and more meaningful. And the best bit is that they are free, free to download, share, adapt and use, even commercially.
Use in your own video productions or simply share them with friends. My hope is that these videos will help to declare the awesomeness of inspired scripture and ultimately of God.

It sounds like a big undertaking and undoubtedly it is. Computer equipment needs to be high spec and capable of rendering out thousands of frames at up to 4k resolution.
Software subscriptions cost money, textures and 3D objects all need to be either painstakingly produced or purchased, and ultimately the huge amount of time it takes to produce these scenes adds up to a lot of expense and effort.
Even maintaining a website to host these videos costs money.

This is where you come in.

Currently I am working on one PC on my own, doing what I can when I can.
My passion to produce these scenes has driven me to spend my free time working on them but I can only do so much.
With your support, not only can I devote all my time to producing these scenes but as time goes by I can purchase faster and better hardware, to invest in creating a productive pipeline of creativity and providing more and more fantastic videos free for everyone to use. How fantastic is that?

If you are interested in helping support this vision please consider supporting me HERE


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