Can I use these videos in commercial work?

Yes you can, but there are some limitations. More about the CC by 4.0 license here.

Can I include these videos in a product I sell?

One of the key restriction of the license is that additional restrictions can’t be added which would pose a problem with the final product, but contact me for more information. More about the CC by 4.0 license here.

Do you do commission work?

If you want a particular Bible Scene done then do contact me. If you allow it to be published here then we can work out a discount 🙂

What is HD and 4K

Basically HD is what most of us view on our TVs right now and 4K is the near future.

HD stands for High Definition and is currently the most widely used format for general TV viewing (as of writing).  Another term is 1080p which is the pixel height of the video with a progressive format (p). The width od HD is 1920 pixels.

4K is basically double HD and starts at 3,840 x 2,160  (TV land) and go up to 4096 x 2160 (Cinema standard)

What equipment do you use?

For the 3D scenes I currently use Blender but I am going to start incorporating Unreal Engine as it Renders so quickly (A number of the scenes on this website have been made with Lightwave 3D but I no longer use it).

For Compositing and special effects I mostly use After Effects, the creation/big bang scene was produced solely in After Effects.

For Texturing and general image manipulation I use Photoshop.


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