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And Welcome back to this 5th and most likely last “Work in Progress” post for the Tower of Babel. I have been working fairly hard with long hours spent on it, some of that is in learning how some of the elements work like the particle system for the falling leaves but you can now see how I have progressed with the scene. I have broken it down into layers to see clearly the various components and steps taken in the final process.

So here is the base landscape that I modelled in Unreal Engine. A main flat area with hills, dips and ridges surrounding it.

I added mountains in the distance, some were actual 3d mountains and others just cut-outs of distance mountains. Also a Sprinkling of trees.

Water planes were added, one for the river and one for a little lake. Yes the river doesn’t continue on but it is not seen in the final camera shots.

Now with the main Tower, the buildings and the temples.

So I added a road leading to the city with columns and statues of a god. Also added a number of Palm trees.

Do you remember the market stalls I showed you in one of the previous posts? Well here they are laid out like a market. Other items include piles of bricks and carts.

In an attempt to bring a bit more life I added some plumes of Chimney smoke to several of the buildings. Also falling leaves from Unreal Engine’s particles system help to add a bit of life too.

Up in the mountains for the first shot I initially made the mountain pass but it was quite plain with just the pass walls and a little path between them.

By adding the Megascans real world scanned data meshes to the scene it made it look a whole lot better. That and a little atmospheric fog.

Updated camera moves

So now I have added all the details to the scene what do the camera shots look like now?


With added fog and Cliff details this scene is almost there.


I really like this shot although I may have overdone the sandy dust, what do you think?


Made this shot a bit longer to get a good feel for the approach but I’m quite pleased with the overall look.

In the next post...

So I’m almost ready to finalise, I think I need one or two more things just to make it a little more complete. Of course the thing that I really could do with is people but getting animated characters is a whole other level and one that, as financial support increases, I hope to add at some point.

 So thanks again for watching and if you feel inspired to help me do more scenes then do think about supporting me financially by subscribing here

 And may God bless you all.



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