Getting Started

So now I have the style of tower I need to begin modelling and obtaining assets for the 3D scene. I would need various components, much of which will need to be done as the scene is put together but for starters I began with:

The actual Tower itself:

Using the few reference images, I began modelling the components to make the tower. The tower had to look imposing from all angles and, from a purely practical point of view had to taper in as it got higher as the weight of each layer would put too much pressure on the lower bricks.

So starting at the bottom:

  1. I made a made a wide circular base with steps leading up on all sides.

2. The first wider level with an arch based approach to the roads that encircled the whole tower:

3. For the second section I sufficed with one winding arch based road that circled to the top

4.The last section was made of consecutive levels of habitable dwelling.

5. Of course the building was never finished and was still under construction so the very top was unfinished and to add to the effect I added scaffolding all around the mid and upper levels of the tower:

Here is the Tower completed. For my scene the tower would only be seen from a distance so no major detail would be needed. 

In the next post...

The scene would need other components of course and in the next post I will cover these various other aspects:

  1. The modular components of city walls, made in a semi Sumerian/Babylonian style.
  2. Houses for the occupants to live in.
  3. Miscellaneous towers and places of worship.
  4. Trees
  5. Other miscellaneous objects like carts, pots, market stalls etc. Anything that will help to create some realism within the scene.



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