Gathering the Assets

So the next step was to either model, source or purchase assets that would help to sell the scene. Most of the assets would never be seen that close so wouldn’t need to be that detailed and it is only once the camera moves are set that I will see what is needed in the foreground and thus what assets need to be more detailed.

The City Walls

I imagine that the Tower would be situated within a city of some sort with walls to ward off invaders so I created various modulat style assets that can be duplicated and used over and over.

  1. A front arched gate, small, medium and large towers, a bridge to cross a river and a section of wall. These should be sufficient to create the illusion of a large city’s defenses.

2.A collection of Middle Eastern style houses, some of which were purchased for the project, others modelled, all edited to work with both Blender and Unreal Engine.

3. As well as the houses I felt it would be good to have some larger towers, once again made in a modular fashion. One or two of the models were purchased and the test modelled by me.

4.Finally a collection of models to help fill out the gaps, so to speak, and make the scene more believable. Objects include market stalls, a cart, trees and some pots.

All of the assets assembled ready to be exported to Unreal Engine.

In the next post...

So the next step is to head over to the Unreal Engine where we will be:

  1. Importing all the assets.
  2. Arranging them to create some sort of basic scene..
  3. Create some basic camera moves.
  4. create the terrain to fit the scene.
  5. Add other assets that we may need to create the final scene.



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